Did you know it was possible to control your phone with MS Access? accesstelefoon_classicMaking calls to your contacts, with a click in your ms access application?

It’s simple and easy.  By using the teddy telecom api.

The teddy telecom api lets you connect from MS Access with friends,

family and professional contacts all over the world, right from your ms access application. For low rates. With a push of the button MS Access will activate your iphone, Android phone or your office/house phone.


Just make a ‘call’ button in your ms access application that sends the phone

number to our api. And you will call friends abroad
at low international rates or domestically for free.


Extra phone number

Do you want to have an extra phone number that appears on the screen of the person you are calling? Just buy an inbound phone number and you’re done. Very usefull if you want to use your private phone and have a business phone number next to it.

You can create a teddy phone number that will never change, and then forward calls to other phones if you move or get a new mobile or home phone number.


Register at teddy tel

  • telefoonhoornSign up for a free teddy tel account
  • Wait for an email with your id and pin.
  • Download the Api doc.
  • Implement the api details in your ms access application.
  • Make and receive calls with a push of the button.


Detailed steps

1 Sign up for a teddy tel account

  • Go to https://teddytel.com/mijn-account/?lang=en and create a free account.
  • After you register your account, you have the ability to (optionally) buy a new teddy tel phone in number.
  • When registering, enter the phone number that you want to use with your teddy account. Then decide which of your phones you want to control with ms access (your mobile phone, home phone, etc.). You can create an account for each of your phone numbers.

2. When you’re done creating a Teddy account, you will get an email with the pin and
ID. Then you’re ready to make calls with ms access. The first minute is for free. After that you can top up your account.

  • The api doc can be downloaded from our website. Teddytel.com including VBA examples. (ready to use)

3. Make and receive calls

To make and receive calls with ms access, follow these steps:

  • Open your application.
  • Click the Call button (and let it send the phone number you want to call (incl the international code) and choose the phone you want to call from.
  • If you don’t see the Call or Text button in Google Voice when you log in, click Upgrade My Account to complete the Google Voice signup (it’s free).
  • We’ll call your phone, then connect you through to the number you dialed.

To receive calls, buy an inbound phone number in the teddytel.com webshop. And distribute the number to your personal and professional contacts. When they call your teddy app number, your (mobile) phone will ring.


Teddy App on IPhone or Android

  • Next to making calls in your ms access application, you can also use the account details in the teddy app. (for android and iphone)telefoonicoon
  • Make calls using the dialpad on your phone. When you place a call, teddy telecom will call your Voice number and you must accept the call to connect.
 After that it connects to the person you’re calling.

Please note that calls made from the teddy api will not use minutes on your mobile phone plan, but only on your teddy account. The teddy account can be topped up on the website with Paypal and Ideal.